Your Case, Your Way!

Let’s pursue your new beginning, together as a team! Whatever you want, we’re here for it.

All-Purpose Representation

We represent you for anything and everything you need.

Let’s pursue your new beginning, together as a team! With the all-purpose representation option, we represent you for all purposes; court, settlement, all paperwork, negotiation, etc. We are your official counsel of record, for the court’s purposes, and for purposes of working with your spouse.

Consulting Attorney Services

An attorney in your back pocket? Absolutely! Behind the scenes we can pursue your goals.

Whether due to budget, preference, or the psychology of your spouse, working with a consulting attorney could be a game changer. As your consultants, we are able to assist at whatever level you need. If you think it will be best for your spouse not to know you have counsel, we can stay in the background. We can be far more involved if you wish!

Consulting services can make a big difference in keeping costs down. You have all the same benefit of our expertise, advice, guidance, paperwork preparation skills, negotiation skills, etc. And, if you ever want to switch over to official representation, we can do that too!


Mediation can be a dynamic option to get your divorce, child custody, or Marvin/palimony case resolved.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to see eye to eye on every issue for mediation to succeed. That’s where we come in!

No need for awkward meetings as we can do our mediation sessions fully remotely. This makes jointly resolving your case together more convenient and comfortable than ever.

We strive to complete the mediation process as quickly as possible. We want to get you moved forward to your exciting new beginnings right away.

Divorce Prevention Coaching

Breakdowns in your marriage or relationship? Let us apply a legal and financial lens to your unique situation. Together we will craft the path that’s best for you.

We enthusiastically support the repair of marriages!

Counseling with a licensed therapist can be an important factor to resolve marital discord and promote communication. However, we see marriage counseling fail, time and time again. Without a clear understanding of how a divorce or ending of the relationship could actually play out, from a legal and practical standpoint, marriage counseling will not always repair what is broken.

Divorce Prevention Coaching with attorney Lauren Mullee is a wonderful compliment to marital counseling, or can be used as a stand-alone tool. Lauren’s unique blend of extensive legal knowledge, practical perspective, humor, and passion to pursue your new beginning, will guide you to a greater understanding of the reality of divorce or separation.

Sessions can be with you alone or you and your spouse or partner together. Frequently, other concerned family members benefit from Divorce Prevention Coaching as well. Everybody is welcome to explore this unique and effective approach.

Unbundled Services

Big or small, we tailor to you.

We can quote flat rate fees for isolated a la carte services.
Give us a call to discuss further.

“Lauren Mullee was enthusiastically recommended to us by two prominent and highly respected Orange County attorneys, and she greatly exceeded our expectations in every possible way. She is a passionate advocate for those needing a legal voice, listens intently to fully understand the range of issues involved, is clearly focused on priorities and establishing a strategic approach to best represent her client, and tenaciously pursues the case with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. She genuinely cares deeply about her client and their situation, and works tirelessly and thoroughly on their behalf. She is the best of the best! I would highly recommend Lauren Mullee for anyone needing family law representation.”

Barry G.

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