The Passionate Pursuit of Your New Beginning

Here at The Law Office of Lauren Mullee, we are passionate about pursuing your bright, new future.


Whether you are considering divorce or are ready to move forward, we will craft a strategic plan just for you.

Paternity / Parentage

Advocating for you and your kids is our number one priority.

Non-Marital Cohabitation

We have unparalleled Marvin Action and palimony expertise.

We’ve Got Your Back As You Reach For Your Goals

As you go through some of life’s most difficult challenges, we are here for you. We have the strength, tenacity, and experience to guide you and fight for you.

Your Case, Your Way!

Let’s pursue your new beginning, together as a team! Whatever you want, we’re here for it.

All-Purpose Representation

This is where we represent you for anything and everything you need.


Mediation can be a fantastic option to save costs and promote cooperation.

Unbundled Services

A la carte, big or small, we tailor to you.

Consulting Attorney Services

An attorney in your back pocket? Absolutely! Behind the scenes we can pursue your goals.

Divorce Prevention Coaching

Breakdowns in your marriage or relationship? Let us apply a legal and financial lens so you can understand your options and choose the path that’s best for you.

I would highly recommend Lauren Mullee for anyone seeking excellent representation. She is a skilled communicator, highly competent, wise, hard working and fierce. Lauren was always available to me and she helped me navigate the delicate nature of my situation. Lauren listened to my concerns and I experienced her looking out for my family’s best interest every step of the way. She worked diligently on my case from start to end, we became teammates, and she is someone I can call a friend.

Molly D.

Your New Beginning Team

You can count on us.

We show you that passion from the first time we meet all the way through to your new beginning. You can count us in to fight for you.

Today is your fresh start. Let's live passionately.